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Postal Inspectors and Office of the Inspector General Agents


Postal Inspectors and OIG agents

are law enforcement officers.

They are not your friends.


They are not here to help you. They are conducting an investigation. Even though they may be in your office to investigate another Postal Worker, always request that a Union steward be present.


Remember, you must request representation—they are not obligated to automatically provide it for you. Reprinted below is a “Statement of Rights” card you may obtain from the APWU.


Rights Before Postal Inspectors and OIG Agents

If questioned by a U.S. Postal Inspector or OIG Agent, no matter what the circumstances, it is suggested that you:

• Remain calm;

• Correctly identify yourself;

• Do not physically resist an arrest or a search of your person or property;

• Read aloud to the PI or Agent the statement below;

• Otherwise, remain silent until you have consulted with your APWU representative or attorney, as appropriate.


This is not complete legal advice. Always consult with a lawyer.






Window Clerks have many different duties and functions. Clerks are taught these duties and functions with the intent to provide service to our customers. The complete performance of these duties and functions protects our work as clerks.


The American Postal Workers Union recognizes there are

continuing issues involving clerks who work window/retail operations.



I request the presence of my APWU representative. If I am a suspect in a criminal matter, please so advise me. If so, I wish to contact my attorney.


His/Her name is:


Telephone number:



If I am under arrest, I request you to so advise me and to inform me of the reason or reasons.


I do not consent to a search of my person or property. If you have a search warrant, I request to see it at this time.


I do not waive any of my rights, including my right to remain silent. I will not sign a waiver-of-rights form, nor admit or deny any allegation, nor make any written or oral statement unless my attorney is personally present and so advises me.

Article 28

Employer Claims

SECTION 1. Shortages in Fixed Credits

Employees who are assigned fixed credits or vending credits shall be strictly accountable for the amount of the credit. If any shortage occurs, the employee shall be financially liable unless the employee exercises reasonable care in the performance of his duties. In this regard, the Employer agrees to:

A. Continue to provide adequate security for all employees responsible for Postal Funds.

B. Prohibit an employer from using the fixed credit or other financial accountability of any other employee without permission.

C. Grant the opportunity to an employee to be present whenever that employee’s fixed credit is being audited and if the employee is not available to have a witness of the employer’s choice present.

D. Absolve an employee of any liability for loss from cashing checks of the employer following established proclaims.

E. Audit each employee’s fixed credit no less frequently than once every four months.



Examination of Stamp Credits

• Conducted by supervisory personnel or the Postal Inspection Service, normally.

• You have the right to be present whenever your credit is being audited or if you are not available you may have a witness of your choice present.

Use form 3294 to document count.

Request a second count if count is out of tolerance, either over or under, .

• Adjust your 1412 only if you are out of tolerance.

You have a right to a recount whether you are OVER or SHORT.












Individual Clerk Credit Accountability

Segmented Inventory Accountability (SIA)

• Fixed Credits must be audited no less frequently than once every four months

• Clerk Cash retained must be audited at  least every month

Amount of Stamp Stock            Tolerance

Cash Retained                          Tolerance

Up to $30,000.00                          $ 50.00

$100.00                                            $5.00

$30,000.01 to $60,000.00              $100.00


Above $60,000.00                         $100.00


Put Your Checkbook Away

All demands for money must be put in writing. That demand for money should be in the form of a Letter of Demand. No demand for money should be given orally. The Letter of Demand must contain the employee’s appeal rights in the grievance process.


Grievances must be filed within 14 days of receiving the Letter of Demand. Contact your union representative immediately if you are issued a Letter of Demand. Also, if the demand is grieved, the grievant does not have to pay the demand until the issue has reached a final resolution.


Even if the Letter of Demand reaches resolution in the grievance/arbitration process you may elect to continue under the Debt Collection Act. You would not pay the demand until the Debt Collection Act decision has been reached. If you have any questions on demands for money, contact your Union representative.


Retail Equipment Problems

Document all equipment failures by notifying your supervisor in writing and keep a copy.    

Include the date, time and type of equipment, i.e., POS terminal, IRT, calculator, etc. Make sure to detail the specific malfunction.

For POS problems, call the HELP DESK so a ticket can be generated to document that a problem exists and a fix can be initiated.


HELP DESK Phone Number




Postal Window Clerks Protect Your Jobs!

By Al Ross

APWU Clerk Craft Director

East Bay Area Local #47

Retail Rights

& Wrongs I

USPS To Track

Window Clerks’

Sales Performance



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