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Thinking of retirement?  Make sure you don’t leave your union benefits behind!!!

Become a member of the APWU Retirees and continue to enjoy the protection, support and other privileges you experience as an active worker.  For just $3.00 a month, you can sign up for:

Free accidental death and dismemberment insurance

Supplemental dental, health and hospital coverage

Entertainment, retail and travel discounts

Home mortgage financing

Legal insurance

APWU-member MasterCard

   and more.

Do you know...

What your monthly social security payment will be?

If your health insurance is portable?

If you can work without losing retirement benefits?

How to enroll in Medicare?

What Medigap covers?

What the new prescription drug insurance covers?

Who to contact with question or problems?

How to start the retirement process?

Members also receive timely information on Medicare, Social Security, prescription drugs and end of life decision making.

As a member, you’ll stay informed about critical legislative issues, policy decision, social and educational opportunities that can enrich your life as a retiree.

Your APWU Retiree membership is more than a ticket to a better retirement.  It’s a way to protect your interests and those of your fellow workers - now and in the future.

To enroll,

Please call 1-877-APWU-NOW.

Join the Retirees and find out!

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Ten Biggest Mistakes

You Can Make Before Retirement

1. Decide to retire on the spur of the moment because of some difficult assignment or personality clash on the job.

2. Decide to retire without discussing your plans with your spouse. You need the emotional support of your spouse when you are making a decision that will change both of your lives.

3. Fail to review and make sure that you are being credited with all of the service and other

entitlements your federal career has earned for you.

4. Retire without having something to “retire to,” as well as to “retire from.” The attraction of your favorite fishing pond or the old rocking chair grows dull fast when you have nothing better to do.

5. Retire with the belief that you can live comfortable on your annuity without realistically comparing the money you will have coming in with the amount you will need to maintain your standard of living.

6. Fail to stay abreast of developments and changes in federal retirement entitlements and trends.

7. Retire without reviewing all of your retirement options and understanding the pros and cons of each.

8. Base your retirement decision on the advice of coworkers and friends, rather than consulting the experts.

9. Base your retirement decision on an urge to sell your house and move to a warmer (or colder) area without first thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the new location’s amenities and quality of life. (Multiple visits or a long-term rental can help ensure that the new area offers the cultural, social and economic advantages you are seeking.)

10. Succumb to the belief that your active, productive life is over just because you are retiring.

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