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I would like to talk a minute on what’s going on in Littleton after the excessing has taken place. I thought the smaller offices would like to know.

In August, Littleton excessed 17 clerks, 14 mail handlers and all the maintenance employees, including maintenance mechanics level 7’s and ET’s. All that are left – 9 custodians, down from 13. Since this took place over time, it is out the door. Management and clerks have to pick up the slack. One clerk has to do the work of 3. Contracting is going on weekly for work the maintenance craft was doing. Safety issues are also going on - like the fire extinguishers are not being properly checked – or checked at all. The maintenance employees who were excessed - into the custodian craft or mail handler craft - then found out afterwards that jobs were available in their own craft as maintenance mechanics. Management, with smiles on their faces,  just turned up everyone’s life as they excessed employees.

Management says it’s only the beginning.

Clerks are skipping breaks and lunches just to get the mail out on time. Crossing crafts and management doing bargaining work goes on everyday. But management keeps yelling “Excess more clerks!”. We as a union, having craft jobs, must stick together and follow break schedules, take lunch as scheduled and report violations to our stewards. Take your breaks and your lunch like you are supposed to. Watch your postmasters and make sure they are working the jobs they are entitled to work. The problems in Littleton go on throughout the state, and sometimes the members are the unions worst enemy. I have carriers telling the union of work management is doing on a daily basis while the clerks look on. Littleton has clerks driving to Colorado Springs everyday since the excessing while management does bargaining unit work and carriers are crossing craft. What is wrong with this picture?

We must stick together or the next position abolished or excessed could be yours.

David Steinbach is also the president of the Littleton Local APWU.

This is reprinted from Colorado Postal Workers Union’s “Voice of Colorado”

The Job You Save May Be Your Own
David Steinbach, Colorado Postal Workers Union - Vice President