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Weingarten Rights


Rights Before Postal Inspectors

by Shelly Alvarado


I would like to remind everyone of something very important. If you are questioned by the Inspection Service, remember, have to ask to have a steward present. They will not just set you union representation. The inspectors are not your friends. They will appear to be caring and friendly and as soon as you fall into that trap and spill your guts, you are dead meat. They will nail you without a second thought.


Please think about this and remember to ask to have a steward present. It is your job you need to protect, so act accordingly.


Lastly, it is with great importance that I insist that you obtain all promises from them in writing. I recently experienced a lot of grief over being a trusting soul and got deceived by both the Inspection Service and management, but then that just goes to show you that you can’t let your guard down for a second!


If questioned by a U.S. Postal Inspector, even if you believe you are not guilty of any wrongdoing, it is suggested that you:


1) Remain calm;

2) Correctly identify yourself;

3) Do not physically resist an arrest or a search of your person or property;

4) Read aloud to the Postal Inspector(s) the statement below;

5) Remain silent until you have consulted with your APWU representative and/or attorney,    as appropriate.


This is not complete legal advice. Always consult with an attorney.


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• I request the presence of my APWU representative. If I am a suspect in a criminal matter, please so advise me. If so, I wish to contact my attorney.


His/her name is:


Phone number:


If I am under arrest, I request you to so advise me and to inform me of the reason or reasons.

I do not consent to a search of my person or property. If you have a search warrant, I request to see it at this time.

I do not waive any of my rights including my right to remain silent. I will not sign a waiver-of-rights form, nor admit or deny any allegation, nor make any written or oral statement unless my attorney is personally present and so advises me.


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