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August 2007

The APWU Auxiliary Report


by Mary Van Minnen


First, I would like to thank everyone for their support and prayers over the past couple of months.  My mother passed away on May 19 after a year long struggle with lung cancer, thank you for all your kind words and prayers.  You never realize that so many kind people are out there until you are the one that is in need.


The Local APWU Auxiliary has been busy with all the business at hand so far this year.  I hope that everyone had a great time at the Zoo outing on July 15th.  We had a wonderful turnout at the zoo.  It was great to see our brothers and sisters and their families enjoy the day, the animals and share all that the zoo has to offer.  All APWU members are fighting hard for their way of life and to keep their good paying union jobs and benefits.  It is time for others to do our share.  By joining the APWU Auxiliary we can help our spouses in this fight.  The application is simple and the fee is only $10.00 for the year.  Please call me at 303-680-5469 to let me know if you are interested in becoming a member.  Soon you will be able to access our website so stay tuned.


Some of the community service work that the Auxiliary has done since our last newsletter has involved contacting several local consignment stores and taking some much needed clothing items over to a local domestic abuse shelter.  This has been greatly appreciated by the shelter.  All of this could not have been accomplished without your much needed help.  I would personally like to extend a special thank you to all of the APWU members who managed to donate the seven boxes of clothing and personal hygiene items that have been collected.


Our next good will project will be Operation Landstuhl.  This is a base hospital in Germany where our troops are going for medical support.  Sadly enough for the troops once they arrive at the hospital they usually don’t have any of their personal items and most times they are lucky to arrive with the clothes on their backs (if they have not been cut off at a medical emergency site).  I would like to see the APWU and the AUXILLARY do something about this.  So let’s start the collection going.  Many items are needed, among them are personal hygiene items, new underclothes, Tee shirts, shorts, previously viewed movies are also fine in DVD OR VHS.  Don’t forget that our troops consist of not only men but women as well. If you would like to make a check or cash donations to help defer the cost of shipping that would be a great help.  Let’s show the service members overseas that they are not forgotten especially in their time of need.  If you would like help please contact either myself at the above number or any checks can be given to your union stewards.


That’s all for this issue I hope to hear from you soon.



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