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Labor History

The history of the Union Movement in America is made up of  thousands of stories and millions of people. The following links tell the stories of just a few.


The Columbus Milk Strike of 1901


The Chicago Haymarket Riot

















Leadville Colorado, Miners' Strike


1970: first strike by US postal workers


TRADE UNIONS: Then and Now


General Motors and the Sit-down Strikes, 1937


The Year Was 1894


White Shirt Day: Celebrate Union Workers' Struggle for Fair Treatment


The History of Labor’s ‘Day’


APWU History


1989 Pittston Coal Strike A Battle For Workers’ Rights


The Lattimer Massacre

The Ludlow Massacre


Eyewitness to Murder: Recounting the Ludlow Massacre


Unearthing Ludlow


Ludlow massacre, from Wikipedia

The Columbine Mine Massacre


The Columbine Mine Massacre


Settling the Old West


Columbine Mine massacre, from Wikipedia

Union / Labor History

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