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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the membership for allowing me to serve the local.  It has been both an honor and a privilege, and for that I thank you. The future of the Postal Service, as we all know by now, will be different than what we have known.  There are many factors that will determine what it will look like: FSS machines, possible job abolishments, the possible excessing of employees, 2010 contract negotiations, the possible consolidations of postal operations and facilities.  The bottom line is that these are changes that will impact all of us and our families.  It is to your benefit to get involved in the process and join the struggle so we can be united both day in and day out and at the bargaining table!

There is a new Post Master - Keith Coleman - as we all know by now.  It is quite refreshing to see the impact of his decision making abilities on the inept Supervisors and Station Managers that we have had to deal with in the past.  Grievance activity is somewhat down but that is because of Management’s approach, which has been to throttle the EAS folks by making them work harder, longer and faster even when performing bargaining unit work.  Let there be accountability for the actions of those who have - up until now - not been held accountable.  

As a local officer and your representative, I assure you that not a day goes by where either a grievance is filed, or our agreements are being discussed with management at the local or district levels. We are having success in many areas such as being 100% staffed and protecting the work that belongs to the Maintenance Craft Employees under the CBA, MS-47, ASM, and through the grievance procedure.  I have been challenging Article 32 issues, such as the contracting out of work and services that our employees are qualified to perform and have done in the past. It is a struggle but I am confident that we will prevail overall.  It makes no sense to contract out work to the tune of over $100,000  in the first 6 months of 2009 just to avoid overtime. We have qualified personnel and tools on site that can do most of these tasks.  When will Management get this fact?  Also the Union has been able to protect several jobs at the Tower Station through the grievance procedure when a timely grievance was filed, {Job 5018, (Window) and Job 5002 (PM Carrier Bar)}.  Currently we are awaiting a step 2 decision in Maintenance for management not covering cleaning frequencies in accordance with the MS-47.  There are currently 5 active grievances on this issue alone, either at step 1 or step 2 of the grievance procedure.

What can you do to help in our struggle?  Come to work and protect your jobs by doing your work to the best of your ability.  Do not give you work away to supervisors, other crafts or let it go out for subcontract.  Article 32 is very clear and we have the ability to challenge Management’s decision to contract out work.  Under our own CBA the Union has the ability to investigate and grieve all of these issues and I give you my pledge that I will do so for your rights as aggressively as I can.  However, I do need your help so request a steward, give the union a statement that sticks to the facts (the CBA violation, who, what, where, when, why and how of the issue) so we can enforce our agreements in solidarity and united as a bargaining unit.

Finally, ask a non member to join.  We need their help and there is strength in numbers.  If they tell you the union doesn’t represent them please remind them of the benefits and wages that have been negotiated on behalf of all, APWU represented employees and yes, that includes them. The Aurora Local currently has 9 non-members, so they are out there.  Also feel free to remind them of the settlements that the dues paying members have helped to achieve for all of us which have been quite substantial for every APWU-represented employee within Aurora, CO.  

Dan’ s Tool Box - July 2009

Challenges That Lie Ahead

by Dan Van Minnen

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