Aurora Local APWU General Membership MeetingJune 12, 2022 at
Smoky Hill Library @ 12:30
( Just SouthEast of Smoky Hill Post Office )
5430 S. Biscay Cir.
Centennial, CO 80015

Coronavirus precautions will still apply

Winning Prize Jackpot Could Be: $200.00

Attention Members — At the regular June 2019 General Membership Meeting, a decision was made to have a drawing
at all subsequent meetings, beginning at $50, and to be increased by $50 at each subsequent meeting,
until a winner is declared. The only provision is that the member must be present to win.

At the November 14, 2021 General Meeting, a drawing was held.
Teresa Montejano went home $450.00 richer.
It pays to attend your Union Meetings!

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