FFlight Attendants Turn Up the Heat Over Frontier Airlines Contract Negotiations

As you know, SAG-AFTRA is on strike against the ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Inc. (BBH), which after 20 years of being signed to our Commercials Contracts now claims the agreement doesn’t apply to them. What you may not know is that, as BBH attempts to undercut performers, it is also running an Instagram campaign featuring warm and fuzzy tidbits of “wisdom” from their top executives. Using the hashtag #IfICouldTellYouJustOneThing, BBH may think it can portray its executives as dedicated and caring people, but the performers who rely on union work to make a decent living know better.
We can’t let this hypocrisy go unchallenged.
Go to the BBH Instagram feed (@bbhblacksheep), or on the web, and respond with appropriate comments to their cynical campaign. So far, BBH has put up at least nine separate #IfICouldTellYouJustOneThing postings on its Instagram feed. The three most recent – “Hire people who are better than you,” “Embrace motherhood,” and “F*ck that shit” (yes, this is what passes for wisdom at BBH) – are typical.
Please avoid profanity or anything that might be construed as threatening, coercive or harassing. Be sure to include the #StrikeBBH and #AdsGoUnion hashtags and keep in mind that our labor dispute is solely with BBH. So, your comments should only be about the agency, not its people or clients or any other companies.
And remember, always make sure your statements are true.
We are running a separate social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram calling out BBH’s clients for their association with such an unsavory outfit. I encourage you to like and share those posts, along with other #StrikeBBH posts, to help us hold them accountable.
Thank you for your support and activism.

Strength in unity,

Lori Hunt
Executive Director
Commercials and Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast Contracts

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