How To Harass Your Steward

Originally published January 2014

from the Postal Press Association

1) Go to the supervisor and make deals, but don’t tell your steward anything about it. When the deal doesn’t go your way, ask the steward to fix it.
2) Go to your steward with a problem. Call the supervisor all kinds of names, and accuse him of insanity. Then when the steward takes the problem to the supervisor gets angry, pretend you don’t know anything about it. Tell the supervisor that he is a fine person and that the steward is the crazy one.
3) Don’t read the newsletters or bulletin boards, and don’t go to union meetings. Expect your steward to tell you everything. Lose information you’ve been given and ask for second copies. Never vote in elections, just complain about the outcomes.
4) Don’t tell the steward anything. Expect him or her to know – without being told –
when the contract is being violated, or when you are dissatisfied. Or tell them more than 14 days after the violation occurred.
5) Instead of talking to your steward on the clock, call them at home on their day off. That way you won’t be a troublemaker in management’s eyes.
6) Don’t obtain copies of doctor’s notes or other paperwork needed to win your grievance. When the grievance loses, you can always blame the steward.
7) Don’t worry about your steward’s feelings. If you’re in a bad mood, say whatever you want – indulge yourself. If the steward gets angry, threaten to quit the union. After all, stewards are paid to take the abuse.

Stewards aren’t perfect, and they don’t claim to be. But there’s only a handful of people in this world trying to make a difference — and your steward is one of them. Treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve.