APWU Local 6315 ( aka Aurora Local APWU ) is the designated local for American Postal Workers Union represented employees working for the United States Postal Service in Aurora, Colorado.

Union Business

Mailing Address
PO Box 471234
Aurora CO 80047-1234

Elected Officers

President / Media Contact Secretary / Treasurer
Shelly Lucido Business Card / Media Contact

Mary Watson Business Card / Secretary - Treasurer

Appointed Positions

Nick DiFrancia Business Card / Steward

Aurora Steward Assignments

Station Steward Alternate
Altura Station Mary Watson Shelly Lucido
Buckingham Station Shelly Lucido
Fletcher Station Shelly Lucido
Hoffman Heights Station Shelly Lucido
Gateway Station Shelly Lucido
Main Office Mary Watson Shelly Lucido
Maintenance Employees Shelly Lucido
Tower Station Nick DiFrancia

Trustees, 2022 – 2023 Term

Head Trustee: Vonetta Bush-Williams
Brittany Dubose
Sandra Dinkins
Nick DiFrancia



How do I join the APWU?

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