May 2006

Greetings and Happy Salutations

by Shelly Alvarado

I hope that your 2006 is filled with happiness, joy and blessings throughout the entire year. This year will be a year of transformation and transition for our Local. For all of you that were able to attend the installation dinner on January 28th as well as for those that could not attend it was a time to thank Rick Borsick for the past fourteen years of his service, dedication and commitment to the Aurora, CO APWU Local. Rick you truly have been an advocate for the Postal workers in this city and committed to fighting in the struggle of rights, wages and working conditions. For that I would like to sincerely thank you.

I wish to call to arms all of you because our postal world is dramatically changing. We can no longer remain in our protective bubbles because it will burst! The fight is escalating each and everyday. Just watch the news; workers are losing their rights and benefits in every industry across the board. This is our year to negotiate our contract after six years. What benefits do you think the postal service would like to take from us? Our health benefits, retirement package, holiday pay, overtime pay, guaranteed time, raises; cola’s or maybe even our jobs. What is going to be your contribution to this year’s negotiation or to the future of your job? Don’t blame the Union if you’re not happy, the union is only as strong as its membership so this is my challenge to all of you! If you know a non-member try to sign them up, if you do not donate to COPA (committee on political action) you need to it only takes $1 a payday. Your local needs volunteers to organize for special projects, we need stewards and alternate stewards at every station, try coming to a meeting they are held only four times each year in March, June, September and November on the second Tuesday of the month at 730 PM at 1010 Joliet Street in Aurora, near the Buckingham station so be a part of your future commit to serve and we as a union can make it happen together.

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